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  Welcome to the DEG Enterprises Home Page!  There are many practical uses for Infrared Imaging, most involve either identifying a problem before it becomes a catastrophic failure or determining the full extent of an already known problem.  In both cases you can benefit by prioritizing maintenance and repair efforts to target those areas that need attention most.  Residential, commercial, and industrial facilities, electrical systems, process equipment; all can reveal useful information in the infrared region of the light spectrum.


An electrical receptacle not in use can still heat up. 


Infrared imaging is particularly useful in spotting heating of electrical components due to overloads, system imbalances, low level faults, high harmonic content, or loose connections as seen in the above image.


The image above shows the resulting heat transfer from an attic due to misplaced insulation and illustrates how Infrared imaging can be used to perform energy efficiency surveys.



There are many more useful applications for Infrared imaging, anytime there is a need to detect even slight differences in surface temperature, this technology may provide the information most useful to you.  Water intrusion in building structures is often easily detected and the extent of required repairs determined.  This can be particularly helpful for large flat roof structures where replacing an entire roof would be very expensive and continually chasing down leaks is unacceptable. 

The business world is fast discovering the money saving advantages of Infrared imaging.  In some cases, reductions in insurance premiums will offset or pay the cost of an Infrared survey.  Many companies have found the reduction in unplanned process shutdowns have saved many times the cost of an on-going IR inspection program.

DEG Enterprises is a small family-owned business with a commitment to quality and value.  Our overhead is very low and we pass the savings on to our clients.  DEG is using a high quality FLIR ThermaCam P65 camera and their associated software to efficiently and effectively serve your needs.

DEG's Certified Thermographer, David Pullen brings a level of experience and knowledge you should find quite beneficial.  His background includes over 20 years in electrical engineering with an emphasis on power systems.  He performed plant power system analysis/design, equipment procurement, startup testing, and consulting.  With this engineering background, his ability to understand and interpret IR images provides our clients with an exceptional value.

Our rate is currently $75/hour (plus expenses) which you should find to be very competitive.

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